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Amplify Your Spirit

In January 2020 I decided to make a change and follow my gut.  I began to make plans and set in motion the closing of my talent agency and leave 20+ years in the entertainment industry.  I had become a certified reiki practitioner.  I had spent a year already to this point diving deep into the world of essential oils. Basically, life had changed.  My mindset, lifestyle, belief system had changed.  It was now time for everything else to follow suit.  

In April 2020 I closed one giant chapter to embark on a new adventure and write a completely different chapter, if not an entirely new book. In the early months of 2020 Amplify Your Spirit was created and the life I was eager to lead was manifesting. I had spent the majority of my life battling endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, Pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder, Hypoactive Thyroid condition, and of late, Adenomyosis. In a nutshell, my uterus was not well.  In February of 2019 my husband and I went vegetarian, we began exploring Young Living's 600+ products, and started our journey of wellness. I truly could not believe the difference.  To this day I am in awe of the transformation we have made.  I used to live a life of chronic pain, but now I live a life of peace, and very little pain.  When I began to feel the weight of chronic pain lift I was over joyed. I still have waves that happen, as there is no cure for most of what I listed above, but I was able to live life and that was a huge feat. This company and these products support me daily and I am forever grateful.

I decided I wanted those that I came into contact with to experience what I was experiencing.  Therefore I decided that through an essential oil business and through a healing energy practice, I wanted to live a life of service. I wanted to impart knowledge on quality, use and education of essential oils. I wanted to be the conduit for god conscious energy and allow people to experience universal life force energy through me. And that is what I did.  If you are here looking at this site, then you are here because we have spoken or you have spoken with someone on my team and you are here to learn more. I am thrilled that you have come to learn more about oils and energy. 

Shirley Dacosta, Marissa Bruce, Kelli Hefton, Lisa Clarke, Phil DaCosta

My team and I are here to answer questions and be of service.  We are also here to provide you with quality education on essential oils and Young Living so that you may feel empowered to be the gate keeper of your home as well.  We want you to have endless information at your fingertips. If you are a member of Team Amplify with an account with Young Living, the members vault is accessible for you.  If you are not a Young Living customer or an Amplify client then our Facebook group AMPLIFY is open to provide you with a ton of information as well. Becoming a YL member does not have a fee, and you don't have to order monthly if you decide that is not for you.  If you want to create an account and explore we encourage you to do so.  Scroll to the bottom of this page and click become a member.  Nothing to pay, free to create, and a strong team/community with endless education to help you on your journey. And maybe, like me and the rest of my team, you'll discover that the business side of Young Living is far too enticing to pass up....but that is a blog post for another day. 
You have come this far and we welcome you to Amplify Your Spirit with essential oils and healing reiki energy. Click below and lets get you oiling. 

With Love & Healing Energy,
Kristine DaCosta

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